July 21, 2010

Getting back into the swing

July has been a whirlwind.  It began with a 10 day vacation to see family in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  While there, we attended a baptism, a funeral, and a family reunion; needless to say, we saw nearly *everyone* on this trip. 

We also had the opportunity to get to know an amazing family of six.  The Cowperthwaite's have a traveling evangelism mission and they spent about a month living on the property just north of us.  We were able to share meals, play games, and encourage and inspire one another.  A lifelong friendship was formed this summer!  We were very sad to see them leave on Tuesday, but we know that God has great things for them and we wish them much success in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My garden has been producing abundantly as have the squash bugs.  Yesterday, I admitted defeat and pulled out the infested plants.  All other vegetables are doing well.  We will have fresh green beans for dinner today. 

It rained 4 inches last night and it is just plain swampy out; today promises to be another sticky 90 something.  Fall can't come too soon for this girl :O)