Our Curriculum

2010-2011 School Plan
Family Work:

We use the Simply Charlotte Mason free curriculum guide.
Bible, History, and Geography ~ Modules 1-3 with Truthquest Guides
Scripture Memory ~ Verse Pack 3
Music/Composer Study ~ Module 3
Picture/Artist Study ~ Module 3
Nature Study ~ Weekly Study with Notebooks
Poetry ~ Various Poems (focus on Emily Dickinson)

Allie Grade 9:
See this post.

Caleb Grade 4:
Language Arts ~ Copywork, Queen's Language Lessons, Spelling Wisdom 1, Story Starters, and Narration
Typing ~ Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
Literature ~ At the Back North Wind, Stories of Don Quixote Written Anew for Children, Just David
Math ~ Math-U-See Gamma into Delta
Bible, History, and Geography ~ Independent Readings based on the SCM Curriculum Guide
Nature Readings ~ Some old nature books I found......truly treasures :O)
Science ~ Apologia Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day
Personal Development ~ Wisdom and the Millers

Ashlyn K:
Beginning Reading ~ Reading Made Easy with Activity Books by Valarie Brandt
Bible, History, and Geography ~ Listen in and enjoy many stories + Big Truths for Little Kids
Math ~ Math-U-See Primer with Miquon Math as a supplement using the Math-U-See rods (scandalous I know)
Literature Read Alouds ~ Aesop for Children, Charlotte's Web, Pinocchio
Nature Readings ~ The Burgess Animal Book