June 01, 2009

Busy Days

The first part of June is hectic, so my posting will be sparse for a week or two.

We started VBS at our church today and I am the Bible Story teacher, so everyday I have the privilege of sharing God's word with over 100 kids. It is awesome!

For my husband it is hay season. In addition to his day job, he puts up about 30 acres of hay. This means a lot of sun up to sun down days. It also means that my "relief pitcher", so to speak, is unavailable. The days can seem extra long without Dad around. However, this spring we did buy a used round baler which will make the work a little faster and easier than past years. Here is a picture of Allan in the field. It is dusty work.

Our kitten, Milo, has made himself at home. Here he is perusing the bookshelf. I knew I liked this cat!

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