January 14, 2010

Parts of Speech in FULL color and then some.........

I enjoy teaching grammar to eight year old Caleb gently using sentences from his books and from his spelling dictations. I thought it would be fun to color code the parts of speech and label sentences on a white board. I made a PDF with the eight regular parts of speech, plus labels for articles, which I know are technically adjectives, but just go with it :O) I laminated my pieces and placed small magnet squares on the backs. Grammar now feels like a game. Feel free to download the labels and make your own set!

Rainbow Parts of Speech

Here are more advanced labels that I made for my junior high age daughter. She uses the Michael Clay Thompson Grammar Town series from Royal Fireworks Press and just loves it!

Rainbow Grammar

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  1. That is a great idea. I am thinking about doing a grammar lapbook from Hands of Child.