August 11, 2010

Some days are like that

Some days the kids (one or all) can drive me nuts.  Today, it was Ashlyn's turn at the wheel and boy can she drive.  We have been working on first time obedience, and I'm feeling like we are getting nowhere!  At the library the Alice in Wonderland DVD had to stay behind because of bad behavior.  And later, at the bookstore, several sunglasses from the turntable rack had to be picked up off of the floor because *someone* couldn't resist giving it a big spin.  ARGH!  No ice cream at Jason's Deli for that one.  What's a mom to do?  Well, first I checked out a book recommended by a friend called Creative Correction
Creative Correction

I clearly need some fresh ideas!

Then, I started wondering if God ever looks at me as I fumble through life, make bad choices, and lose my temper with the kids and thinks, "There she goes spinning the sunglasses rack again!".
Isn't it wonderful!
I need to remember to give it as often as I receive it.
God is so patient.


  1. You are welcome, LOL! Sorry you are having trouble with sweet little Ashlyn, glad you have found a resource to help with these kinds of days. Naomi has been similarly challenging recently. She is a sweet child and we love her much, still she knows how to show that sinful nature some days. God exercises so much patience and grace to us each day, and moms get a specially large portion to give out.

  2. Oh Heather,
    I have one child in particular that has to touch everything and thinks it is funny to hide behind shelves and under racks while we are out.I have talks with mine before we get to the store!!, you can imagine it...' I expect you to do the right thing and listen to me or else......'!Missing out on something like the DVD has worked for us, so far!