April 27, 2009

First things first....

I've been reading a great (life changing!) book from the Simply Charlotte Mason company called Laying Down the Rails. It's all about habit training - the whys - the whens -and the hows. And of course my thought process when I chose this book was how great it was going to be to get those kids whipped into shape - well the Lord had other plans! My eyes are daily being opened to all of the habits I need to form or reform in my own life. I have been inspired to get my housekeeping regimen back into practice (after a 3 1/2 year hiatus - that's when Ashlyn was born) and to re-evaluate my food choices. Healthy living is also a habit -one that has to be worked on in order to be maintained. Yes, I'm still gonna to work on those kids, but I'm going to work on me too.

If You're Curious the New Cleaning Schedule is Below:

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  1. Ah...some how we even though we have only recently met, I am not surprised that you made a computer chart. ;0) And a darn good chart maker you are too. LOL

    Don't you love, how things that are sometimes meant for our children are God's way of working on us.