April 02, 2009

Our First REAL Nature Study

Last Sunday(03/29)we did our first "real" nature study. When we went to church that morning, everything was encased in ice. It was beautiful! By the time we came home, it was 50 degrees and the ice was replaced with puddles and mud. A KIDS DREAM! After lunch, everyone put on their boots and made their way to the waterway in our cow's pasture. Boy were we in for a treat. All the water had forced a female crayfish out of her hole and she had a mass of eggs under her tail. This was a sight we had never seen. Later when we came in the house, the kids each drew a picture and wrote a few things in their journals, as I read aloud about crayfish from "The Handbook of Nature Study". It was REALLY fun...I can't believe that we had never done this before. Here are the results of our efforts. Click picture to view full size.

Caleb's Nature Journal Entry ~ Allie's Drawing of the Crayfish (below)

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