May 05, 2009

Morning Surprise

This morning was to be just another "normal" day of school. You know the routine, math, language lessons, history readings, etc. But sometimes one must throw caution to the wind and take advantage of an unexpected opportunity. Today was that day.

While doing the early chores my husband noticed a spring peeper perched on our house just above the water faucet. What a treat! After breakfast, the kids and I caught the peeper and brought him in for observation. We made him a nice home in a large apothecary jar. In the jar we placed a few smooth river rocks, a small stick, and then lined the bottom with moss. A very nice home if I do say so myself.

We have been having a wonderful time watching the tree toad move around the jar. He seems very much at home. The Handbook of Nature Study had quite a lot of information and we read it all! Ashlyn even took a turn "reading" about our amphibius friend. The older kids are still working on their nature journal entries, but Ashlyn had her "froggy" drawing done in a very timely matter.

Most days, having a daily schedule is important, and we did get to the majority of our other lessons, but sometimes the unexpected journeys are the ones that teach us the most. It is on a day like today that I am reminded how blessed I am to have this precious time together with my children. God is good!

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  1. How cute. Spring peepers are hard to come by for us.