May 14, 2009

Praise for Simply Charlotte Mason

If you are new to Charlotte Mason's teachings or just haven't discovered the gem that is Simply Charlotte Mason, then I encourage you to hop over there immediately after reading this post :O) Sonya Shafer has put together a wealth of information for the CM style homeschooler. Her two FREE e-books Education Is and Masterly Inactivity have so much knowledge to be gleaned from them, that I learn something new every time I pick one up. Sonya's writings are extremely readable and she has a true gift for making Charlotte Mason's ideas seem doable for today.

The SCM website has also been republishing some treasures of yesteryear. I recently picked up Boy of the Pyramids , for a short study of Ancient Egypt, and Outdoor Secrets because I just LOVE nature stories. Neither has been a disappointment. Boy of the Pyramids is fantastic for oral narration and has left my 7 and 11 year old both begging for more each time I've finished a chapter. Outdoor Secrets contains several short stories about Mother Nature and her many wonders. It is so charming and is enjoyed by all including my 3 year old Ashlyn. You can see samples of both books at the SCM website.

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