March 17, 2010

Caleb's Pirate Story

For language arts this week, Caleb has been using Karen Andreola's book, Story Starters, to do some creative writing. He had so much fun and really wowed me with his abilities. All of the writing is his. I merely typed it, fixed spelling and punctuation errors, and corrected some "tense" issues.

Caleb age 8
A Continuation of The Prince and the Pirates
March 17, 2010

It had been ten days since Prince Roy had been captured by the pirates and taken aboard their ship. Prince Roy worked in the burning sun along with the other men. One man glanced across at him and then stopped and began to stare. At first the prince ignored him, but then recognized him as one of his father’s servants. Later that day, Piers, who was struggling to free himself, heard wood crackling. “Wildfire!”, he shouted. As Piers got untangled , wood and fire fell through the roof. He ran outside and grabbed his sword and ran towards the palace.

Prince Roy heard a cannon go off and saw another pirate ship in the distance. From his side, a pirate came with an ax, and cut all of the captives free of the oars, chained them together, and led them down below the deck to shoot the cannons. Three pirates showed them how to fire the cannons and gave them swords, but they watched keenly with eagle eyes to make sure the captives wouldn’t try to escape. Through a crack in the side of the ship, Prince Roy saw that it wasn’t a pirate ship that they were firing upon, but one of his father’s ships. The prince told all of the other captives his findings and said, “We will all soon be free!“. They grabbed their swords and began to fight the pirates. They made their way to deck and began to signal the other ship with the enemy flag. The king’s ship ceased fire. When the king saw that his son was safe, he scolded him and begged him to never go out of the palace without at least two guards.

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  1. great job! You can tell he has enjoyed listening to & reading some good literature!