March 25, 2010

A List of Attainments

This is the list of homemaking skills I decided upon for Allie's high school "Domestic Science" course. We will cover these topics over four years. They are not necessarily in order, although the last two will be reserved for her senior year :O)

Most skills will be taught in the realm of real life. There will of course be special projects to show mastery. I'm sure we will blog these as they come along.

Just in case you are assuming that I have mastered all of these skills (HAH!), I assure you I have not and will be learning more than a thing or two.

A List of Homemaking Skills


  1. Oh, I REALLY love this!


  2. Nicely done. I was completely prepared for the career-world and was not at all ready for running a household. My dh was even taught to knit and sew as a boy in Russia - it's a good thing!