April 25, 2010

Get ready to laugh...

Yesterday Allan and I purchased a new lawnmower at our local Sears store.  When we got it home, I was reading through the manual outloud and noted to Allan that we would need to change the oil after every 25 hours.  At this time Allie got a very strange look on her face and said, "Wow!  Do you really think it is necessary to change the oil everyday?".  After we stopped rolling on the floor with laughter, we kindly explained that it meant after 25 mowing hours.  I'm not much for "blonde jokes", but this could be a classic.  YEP, we're homeschooled :O)


  1. Now, that is funny! But I can see myself doing that!!!!!

  2. Nothing like a good belly-laugh!

    My MIL kept a journal of funny things her children said and recently gave my husband a hand-written copy. I've been keeping one for children for three years now. I never think I'll forget the funny things they say but when I look back I am always surprised.

  3. Hilarious! Life without children and "blonde" moments would be really dull.