April 07, 2010

Praise for my Allie

Today I enjoyed a nice lunch out with friends. I left the kids at home, with Allie in charge. When I came home, the kitchen sparkled, the dishwasher was humming, and fresh baked bread was *in process*.

What a delight it is to leave for a few hours of refreshment and return to a home in better condition than I left it. It is such an amazing blessing to watch my daughter grow into a young lady that is so responsible and downright likable. It almost makes the idea of her growing up okay - almost.

Here is the bread.....wish you could smell it. MMMMMM!


  1. Is it wheat?

    What a great helper she is! It is such a wonderful testimony to you, as her mother, in how you are raising her...



  2. I think it's wonderful that Allie at 12 years old is so industrious. What is your secret Heather?!!
    Your new photo is so different from the last profile photo, your are beautiful in both.

  3. Maria~
    It is half whole wheat and half white flour.

  4. Renelle~
    My old photo was about 14 months old and I have not cut my hair since then. Everyday I would look at my picture on here and think, "That doesn't look like me at all!" so it was time for a new one.

  5. Renelle~
    I forgot to address the "secret" to raising industrious daughters. I wish I had one; I'd bottle it ;O) All I can say is raising children to know, love, and fear the Lord makes a huge difference in how they view life and it's purpose. She truly aspires to be a wife and homemaker someday and takes a lot of pride in all things domestic. I am blessed to be her mom. God is good!