June 22, 2010

Making Hay

We are having the hottest days of the year here thus far, so one might think we'd be sitting on the front porch with cool glasses of lemonade in hand, but alas, we are making hay.   I snapped this shot of Allie and Henry when the hay wagon rolled in around 9:00 p.m.


  1. What blessings... hay!

    I am not a farmer, but I do know how important making hay while the sun shines, is. :)

    Now, you can go, sit and relax with the glass of something cool and refreshing!


    simply, Maria

  2. What a beautiful moment in time that you captured!

  3. Glad Nathaniel could help Allan in the field a bit. Sorry I couldn't join them, too. Looking forward to having supper together tomorrow evening. Love your blog!