May 18, 2010

Caleb's Mushroom Hunt

Days of rain and little sun have left the ground squishy soft and the air humid.  What better time for a boy to go on a mushroom hunt!  Caleb had fantastic luck in the woods this afternoon.  He is still looking through his field guide to try identify them (which is harder than it sounds) but I'm satisfied that he had a great time exploring God's creation.


  1. We also get a great deal of mushrooms here at the cottage. And the boys are not as enthusiastic with them...maybe because their mommie puts them in their food :D



  2. We get some from time to time too. But they are usually squished under boot for the same reasons as Maria - they don't like them in their food!

  3. That is quite the variety.
    I don't know a thing (or very little) about mushrooms. I wish I had payed attention to my grandparents when they were living. : (
    Well, I think it is great that your son is learning all about them!