May 17, 2010

Gettin' Green

Once upon a time there was a mom who wanted to do the right thing and recycle. But alas, she got lazy and always forgot to take her recycling to the sorting center because it was 15 miles away and her bins were in the basement (bad-bad-location).

Well, now she has no more excuses because her small town has recycling bins for all major categories: glass, cardboard, metals, and plastics. (YIPPEE!)  And our bins have been spiffed up and moved to the mudroom, which happens to be right on the way out the door. (Much Smarter)

So, that is the story of how one mom with good intentions got herself back on the green track.


  1. excellent idea! I have mine right outside my kitchen door. This way, I just open the door and I am able to place it in the right bin :)

    Neat bins :)


  2. We have it easy in Australia. We have two large wheelie bins that we wheel down the driveway to the curbside and are collected each Tuesday Morning. One for recycling (all in together) and one for all other rubbish. And once a year the council does a roadside pick up of all the large things that you want to get rid of like old cupboards, broken lawnmowers, fridges all sorts. People actually drive around with trailers that week and pick up items - one man's trash is another man's treasure!If I was to design a house for us I would definitely include a mudroom - great idea.