May 21, 2010

Playing with the School Supplies

I'll fess up right away. When I ordered a set of Prismacolor watercolor pencils with our Rainbow Resource homeschool order, I was only halfway thinking of the children. I have always wanted to buy a set, but could never seem to justify it for myself. Well, I worked my way around that one, and today had a chance to try them out. I had never used watercolor pencils before, but they were so fun and easy to use. I am NOT an artist in the "drawing" sort of way, so I think what I like most about watercolor is the forgiving nature of it. Anyway, I scanned in my picture hoping any moms out there who don't *do* art will feel like giving it a go. And really, "Buy the good pencils!" :O)


  1. I Love it Heather. I also love water colour pencils, we use them all the time for nature study and you are right they are so forgiving. You are inspiring and you must keep doing it!Blessings dear friend

  2. I love it too, Heather!
    I love using those pencils too! FUN! and refreshing!

  3. Oh Heather,

    It looks absolutely lovely :)

    Isn't it fun to play with paint?

    Be blessed,